Hi! My Name is Enimien, and I am The Ladypreneur.

I’m a serial entrepreneur and have started up a photography business, Portraits by Nimz, a Montessori Nursery, and a blog to encourage women called Confessions of Christian Wives. I’m passionate about helping female entrepreneurs discover their purpose, start up successful businesses, be free of money worries and love the life they live.

I was born and raised in Nigeria but am a citizen of the world. After graduating with a degree in Computing and Information Systems in the UK, I was accepted into an International MBA programme and lived in Paris, Philadelphia and Tokyo! My professional career took me to Sweden, Romania and China, after which I met my sweetheart and moved to London where I launched my first business and I’ve been launching businesses ever since.

I’m full of ideas but I’m only one person so I can’t implement them all. If you have an idea you want to turn into a business, I’m more than excited to walk you through the process of starting up. I consult, and offer workshops and packages for female entrepreneurs who don’t know where to start, are stuck or need some clarity in the process of launching their business as well as consultations for social media for your business. I will keep you focused and accountable and I will motivate you to believe in yourself and your power to achieve success.

If you would like to reach me please use the contact form.